Speakers - True Wireless Speakers

Speakers - True Wireless Speakers

The Irresistible Appeal of Moarmouz Dual Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

 If you are searching for the best portable speakers India, then look no further than Moarmouz, the name that has almost become synonymous with Bluetooth speakers. We have been catering to the needs of thousands of clients who wish to enjoy good music wherever they go. Thanks to the advancement in technology, it is now possible to treat your ears to good music and great sound effects without spending a fortune! With our collection of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers in India, we try to satiate the demands of our customers.

In a short span of just three years, we have been able to create a name of our own in the world of portable sound. Whether you are traveling or relaxing at home, we make it easy for you to enjoy superior quality sound while you play your favorite tracks, play games or enjoy movies on your smartphone or similar portable device. Our portable speakers are driven by Bluetooth technology and are capable of producing a superb sound that is not only comparable to the best products that are available in the market today but surely at par with them. Moreover, the speakers are compatible with a wide range of different brands of mobile phones that run on Android and iOS. 

 Our philosophy

 We believe that you must enjoy music with others because no joyous experience can be complete unless you can share it with others. While listening to some soulful music alone on headphones might give you much enjoyment, it multiplies many more times when you can share it with many others. That is the philosophy behind our endeavor to bring to you the best wireless speakers that are completely compatible with all mobile devices and are easy to carry along with you wherever you go. Besides empowering you to share music with others without feeling the hassles of wired devices, it also allows others to connect to the speakers.

 Utility products

The 10W Bluetooth portable speaker, which we offer as a premium product to our customers, uses Bluetooth v4.1 technology that enables smooth connectivity with any mobile device. The technology of Bluetooth uses radio signals to transmit data that finds its way through the speakers in the form of sound. The technology is similar to any other wireless device with the only difference being that the coverage of Bluetooth is much lesser that wireless devices like television broadcasts and mobile phones.

 Bluetooth technology

 The development of true wireless stereo speakers in the early nineties was soon followed by the development of Bluetooth technology. Some believe that the development of wireless speaker systems and Bluetooth technology actually happened simultaneously. Bluetooth technology includes a combination of hardware and software. The hardware elements combine to create a mini radio station while the software elements help to connect to the device that you intend to use, which is usually a smartphone. 

 The advent of Bluetooth technology has completely changed the way people consume music today with the help of wireless Bluetooth speakers.

 Moarmouz holds the center stage

 No discussions about true wireless surround speakers can be complete unless you talk about Moarmouz  Dual Wireless speakers that will fire your imagination. The stunning looks of the sleek designed speakers with an elegant matte finish will surely drive you off your feet as you feel the pride of acquiring an excellent product at the most affordable rate. The design is so compact that you can carry it along with you without any concern as it fits snugly inside any small handbag.

 Features and quality

Although marketed as true wireless stereo speakers that use Bluetooth technology, we offer more options to users as you can also connect the speakers by using 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. The flexibility is welcome to users because it ensures that there will never be any problem with connectivity with or without Bluetooth. The 550-mAH Li-Ion battery makes sure that you can use the speakers continuously for eight hours. The battery needs just 2.5 hours for full charge. The quality of the speaker is comparable with best in the industry, and they weigh only 497 grams. When you are buying from Moarmouz, you stay assured of getting true wireless stereo sound with almost zero distortion that allows you to connect up to a distance of 33 feet. 

 Value for money

Moarmouz has set its own standard in the world of wireless speakers India by ensuring that our customers get a good return on the investment. We make sure that the product you choose meets your requirements and is capable of exceeding your expectations. We strive to delight our customers always because we believe that user experience is supreme. When you buy wireless speakers from us, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the full value for money and perhaps even more. If you are not using Moarmouz, you have not yet experienced the last word in sublime sound.

Reaching out to all

 Keeping in tune with times, we felt the need to reach out to the broader section of customers so that we could cater to the rising demand for Moarmouz wireless stereo speakers. We tied up with Amazon and e-Bay for making our products available online and ensuring that it reaches the doorsteps of our customers. You will find us at these online stores, and you can even order the product whenever you want by browsing through our website. Choose between white and black, which are the two colors of wireless surround speakers we market.

For the most authentic experience in enjoying music no matter where you are, you must own a pair of Moarmouz dual wireless speakers that have now become the most trusted brand in its category. Enjoy crystal clear sound with an uncompromising audio quality no matter what genre of music you prefer.

Give your desk the fantastic looks of the gorgeous pair of Moarmouz speakers that have now become part of modern lifestyle and living. Place an order your speakers today to join the club of our happy customers.

This data was last updated on Jun 22, 2024