MacBook Pro 13" (2019-2016) Accessories

MacBook Pro 13" (2019-2016) Accessories

Explore The Full Potential of Your MacBook Pro 13-Inch without Spending a Fortune

The new MacBook Pro 13 inch Touch Bar variant changes the way you look at technology and connect with people. Such a flagship device demands the best of the best accessories and protective gears. Investing in the best quality gears helps you to smoothen your Apple user experience and prolong the longevity of any device you own. MacBooks may not be fragile, but as a regular user you need to make sure they are not exposed to dust, grit, and grime, they do not face the threat of hard knocks and jolts, and they are well connected to other gadgets you own.

Always stay charged

While you can always get by with the one Apple charger that comes with your MacBook Pro, but it is always a great idea to invest in an extra charging data cable. The Type C USB-C to lightning sync and charging data cable from MoArmouz makes sure you have the necessary backup every time you step out of your house. Keeping a spare charging cable at your office or in your travel bag is necessary to stay charged and connected 24/7. The new charging cable and adapter are compatible with your Apple 61W, 29W and 87W as well. The PVC cable jacket along with the aluminium connector plating makes these cables the strongest of their kind.

It protects, it pimps up

If you are an avid MacBook user, you need to protect your Apple MacBook 13 appropriately as well. The bumper Sleeve for the 13-inch touch bar variant makes sure that your device is always free from dust and dirt. In fact, the new Neoprene Sleeve from MoArmouz makes sure that your MacBook Pro is as far away from any threat of bumps, cracks, and scratches as possible. Since the outside is Neoprene and inside has a soft cushion padding, the new sleeve is quite the ideal choice for any MacBook Pro user who is in love with their new Apple acquirement. The new multi-compartment sleeve makes sure you always have anything at an arm’s length. You will not have to pick and choose between accessories while packing for an office trip or a family vacation. You will always have a safe space for your chargers, lightning cables, adapters and hubs along with your MacBook Pro.

Travel in style with full safety

The Traveller Laptop Sleeve for the 13.3-inch variant is superb for frequent travellers and MacBook users. No matter where you are, the new traveller laptop sleeves will protect your prized possession from dirt, sand, dust, and grime. In fact, the perfect fit and the premium building material makes sure that your laptop is snugly fit. You will not have to worry about threats of knocks and falls when you have the super shock absorbent design hugging your laptop to safety. You can carry your charger, mouse and other mobile devices along with your laptop every time you step out of the home with your smart MacBook Pro 13-inch traveller case.

Matte and marvellous: new-age screen protection

Using any laptop in a public place can be a hassle due to non-optimal lighting, reflections, glares and low visibility. However, work rarely understands the challenges like these. We are usually forced to work on our laptops at airports, coffee shops, lounges of buildings and even in our bathrooms. There is no better way to “fix” these problems than opting for a matte screen protector. With the MacBook Pro matte screen protector for the 13-inch variant, working anywhere in any light condition has become a lot easier. The matte design protects your eyes from unwanted reflections and glares. The snug fit makes sure dirt and dust do not get to your precious LCD touchscreen. Now, you do not have to wait for an Apple expert to help you with the installation process. The MoArmouz matte screen protector is easy to apply. You can do it yourself within a couple of minutes. The matte design resists minor scratches and fingerprints; keeping your laptop looking new all day long.

Going the extra mile for your touch bar

The touch bar is the prime feature of the new MacBook Pro. It also means you need to protect your touch bar from regular wear and tear. The one from MoArmouz comes with a pre-cut design that perfectly fits the new MacBook Pro 13-inch touch bar variant. The 2016 model needs this matte film cover to protect it from scratches. The design is also fingerprint resistant. You can keep your MacBook Pro 2016 looking new and beautiful all year long without spending a fortune on refurbishing and servicing. You can easily apply the film since each one comes with installation instructions. If you are confused, you can always talk to our customer care agents, who are always online. They will help you with your doubts and queries.

Stay wired, stay smart: connect your devices to your MacBook Pro

No laptop is complete without its multiport 4K HDMI hubs. We have our own collection of premium Type-C hubs for all MacBook Pro 2016 models. These carefully designed hubs extend the functionality of your laptops beyond your wildest imaginations. From connecting your phone to your laptops to reading your SD cards via your MacBook; these hubs make it possible for you to experience the real potentials of your MacBook. Any cables, ports, and hubs you can think of, MoArmouz has it ready for your use. We use only the best quality aluminium alloys to render durability, flexibility, and integrity to our hub and cable designs. It prevents the easy breaks and snips of Apple cables most Apple users complain of. These are already compatible with multiple OSx (Windows and Mac). You just need to plug them in to extend your laptop’s functionalities.

At MoArmouz we make sure that you get the best of the products and designs. Our designers and engineers spend months researching the best possible models without compromising the quality and integrity of the products. It makes it possible for us to give you the best quality Apple accessories at an unbelievable price.

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