MacBook Air 13.6", M3 (2024)/ M2 (2023-2022) Accessories

MacBook Air 13.6", M3 (2024)/ M2 (2023-2022) Accessories

The Most Valuable M3 (2024)/ M2 (2023-2022) MacBook Air 13.6" accessories

Are you prepared to put your new MacBook Air through its paces? You have not completed your shopping yet. These accessories will make your life easier on the road (and in the workplace).

It is always wonderful to have the chance to upgrade your Apple gadgets to the newest and most advanced model. This chance arises frequently, given that Apple holds four events per year where new products, product redesigns, and product improvements are introduced.

Apple has recently launched the redesigned MacBook Air to the MacBook lineup. In addition to being available in two new colours, Starlight and Midnight, the laptop offers a number of other improvements that consumers are sure to appreciate, such as a bigger Liquid Retina Display, new charging choices, and a powerful M2 Chip.
If you have already purchased an M2 MacBook Air, you have arrived at the right location. Moarmouz accessories are capable of maximising the M2 experience, and this article details the technical specifications of the top Moarmouz products that are compatible with the new MacBook.

Learn which Moarmouz items complement the new M2 MacBook Air.

Moarmouz Cables

Energize your device with our preferred cables. Keep a few on hand so that you are never without power.
Moarmouz USB-C to 100w Charging Cable - this braided cable enables rapid charging when combined with a USB-C power adapter that is compatible with USB-C.

The USB-C to 100w Charging Cable is available in two- and three-meter lengths.

Moarmouz Hubs and Docks
If you buy a usb type-c hub with multiple ports, you can avoid the need for different adapters. Purchase a dock or hub for your macbook air to transform it into the ideal workstation. Connect your favourite legacy gadgets, as the most recent macbook air only has four ports. The moarmouz usb-c hubs will give you more.

Moarmouz USB-C Multiport Hub
It includes a single upstream USB-C connector with up to 100W of power output, one ethernet port, one USB-C port with up to 100w of power delivery, and two USB-A ports with 7.5W of power delivery and up to 5gbps data transfer speed.
It also allows you to connect a variety of peripherals, such as a webcam, wired mouse, wired keyboard, hard drives, etc., to enhance your workstation.

Moarmouz Hardshell Cases
Moarmouz's HardShell case for the MacBook Air 13",M2 features anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint treatments to safeguard contained gadgets. Apple users are able to view the design of their computers thanks to the case's translucence.

There are precise cutouts for quick access to all ports, ventilation slits, and anti-slip padding to hold the MacBook on flat surfaces. The anti-slip grip feet slightly elevate the MacBook Air from a surface, facilitating heat dissipation and collaborating with the air ventilation slots.

Privacy Screen Protector
Protect the screen of your laptop with the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) privacy screen protector. With the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) anti-spy screen protector, you can hot desk anywhere while maintaining the privacy of your screen. The Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) screen protector allows you to begin work without worrying about prying eyes, whether you're on the train or in a shared office.
The privacy screen protector for the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) has a two-way design that restricts the viewing angle of your screen. With the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) screen protector, you won't have to worry about this. Laptop screens are large enough to be viewed without difficulty. The Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) anti-spy screen protector prevents anyone with a viewing angle wider than 30 degrees from seeing your screen. This effectively makes it visible only when seated in front of it.

Because the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) screen protector incorporates micro-louvre technology, it both prevents others from viewing the screen and does not degrade image quality. As a user of the screen, you enjoy complete visual clarity. The anti-spy screen protector for the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) does not distort or blur text or images in any way. In addition, the Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) screen protector safeguards your display from scuffs and scratches. And it looks and feels like the screen on your laptop. One Apple Macbook Air 13 M2 (2022) privacy screen protector is included in each pack.

With the removable and reusable Moarmouz Privacy Screen Protector, you can add full-screen privacy to your MacBook Air easily. Through an innovative two-way side filter, this case-compatible screen protector reduces the visibility of sensitive data. It is anti-glare and ultra-thin, so you can obtain privacy anywhere while maintaining the MacBook's native experience and allowing it to enter sleep mode. This removable screen protector is safe and easy to store when not in use with the included carry case, making travel and remote work secure and safe when privacy is most important. Additionally, it is simple to remove and apply, with flawless, bubble-free results every time.

Moarmouz USB Type-C-to-A adapter is the best.

While the Thunderbolt 3 ports on recent MacBooks offer numerous advantages, backward compatibility with USB flash drives and other conventional USB devices is not one of them...
unless you buy an adaptor.

Moarmouz USB-C (male) to USB-A (female) adapter is popular choice for MacBook owners. 

The multi color adapter with an aluminium alloy casing fits the appearance of contemporary Macs and supports data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. 
These inexpensive adapters are essential extras, unless you have replaced every USB Type-A gadget in your life with a USB-C counterpart.

While many people can get by without accessories for their MacBook Air (2022), they are missing out on a great deal. 
Accessories enhance the overall experience by increasing the versatility of the gadget.

This data was last updated on Jun 19, 2024