USB Type-C Cables

USB Type-C Cables

Why Go Wireless When You Can Stay Connected Via Amazing USB Type C Designs?

Leading brands like LG, HTC, Samsung, and Huawei have been using USB Type-C ports for a while now. Recently, Apple is also trying to make a switch to the type C standard cables for universal acceptance. Uniformity in the cable variants, of course, helps you to stay connected. Syncing your data becomes a lot easier when you have just USB Type C cables. Possibly the best feature of any standard Type C cable is its reversible nature. They also allow faster transfers and 4K display outputs.

Why should you invest in authentic USB Type C cables?

Almost all local companies and counterfeit online stores are selling type C cables. Right now the challenge is finding a good quality type C cable that you can trust to do the work and maintain the integrity of your precious smart devices. MoArmouz has its own research and development team who have vouched to develop international grade best USB type C cable that meets stringent requirement of all Apple devices and other flagship models from famous brands. Using a low-grade cable can not only hamper your work progress, but it can also ruin your device permanently. We have heard from several MacBook users who have faced display issues and processor problems after using counterfeit cables from unscrupulous sellers. We know how much your Apple products are worth to you, so we have made sure to provide the best designs and compatibilities to all our users looking for a variety of best USB C cable designs.

Stay charged, stay smart: Blazing fast charging with Lightning to USB charger cables

The lightning to USB charge n sync cable from MoArmouz is made from braided nylon. It gives you a dual benefit – your cable stays untangled and sturdy despite months of regular use. We use fine copper for the internal circuits. This 3-feet long wire is ideal for all Apple users for charging their Apple 5/5s/6/6s/7/7 plus/8/8plus/iPhone X, Apple iPads, and Apple iPods. It is the ultimate essential Type C cable you will ever need for smooth charging and smoother operations. If you own two devices with the Micro USB and Type C ports, then you need to consider the new MoArmouz Type C and Micro USB cable. This 2 in 1 USB cable design is ideal for all tech-savvy users who want a durable cord to Charge and sync data between their devices. It comes with a dual benefit on a single USB 3.1 cable. 

Transfer data faster than ever with new cable models

Most Apple users have their own portable hard drives. The latest hard drive designs from Apple and other leading tech brands feature a USB Type C port. This port helps improve speed, throughput and cross compatibility with multiple flagship products from almost all leading technology companies. The USB Type C is cables from MoArmouz make sure that you always have access to the data on your hard drive. The best USB C hard drive connector cable design contains corrosion-free copper on the inside and a braided nylon design on the outside. It not only prevents your cable from tangling, but it also promises faster transfer without any loss of data. Aluminium and Mylar foil make the cable shield, which keeps the cable strong and usable after years of regular rough use.

Explore a new realm of Apple functionalities too

Our designs extend the longevity of any Apple product and extend their features also. It is entirely unprecedented in the area of Apple products so far. MoArmouz USB Type C to USB Type A cable is fully metallic with a nylon cover on top. The braided design makes it much sturdier than any original Apple cable and charger you get with your original product. The Premium cable USB type C to Type A cable is now available in colours such as gold rose gold, silver, and grey variants to perfectly match the signature Apple colours. The standard rate of transfer is around 480Mbit per second for the USB 2.0 cable. The 1 USB Type C USB is the Connector A and the Type A USB 2.0 is the Connector B. Each one is about 3.3 feet in length and the entire length of the cable has a PVC exterior cable jacket.

The best does not always mean the costliest

USB C to USB C cables is not exactly cheap when they come from the house of Apple. However, the story is different when you are shopping from MoArmouz. We understand your needs; therefore we bring you a collection of the best USB C to USB C cable designs for your Type C enabled devices. We know how much you love using your Apple devices, especially your MacBook everywhere. So we have come up with a design that survives all kinds of challenges. The cable is sturdy and durable. Our USB C to USB C cables is 1 meter and 2 meters in length. Other than the difference in length, there is no other service or quality difference between the two cables, and you can transfer your data anywhere you are at lightning speed. We can guarantee that our premium USB C to USB C design is going to give you a bang for your buck!

MoArmouz new Type C OTG cable is a blessing for all movie lovers and music addicts. This powerful but compact cable allows you to transfer all kinds of media files from your phone to your laptop and vice versa. The OTG cable comes with a Type A USB 3.0 connector and a male Type C connector which ensures data transfer speeds of up to 5 GBPS. The OTG cable also comes with a braided nylon exterior which gives it intangibility and durability. It is both heat resistant and wear-resistant. It is possibly the best cable USB C OTG design at this price range for all flagship Apple products.

MoArmouz has helped thousands stay connected with the help of the best quality USB Type-C cable designs at a pocket-friendly price. We have made sure that our customers do not have to settle for something less than perfect for their Apple devices.

 USB Type-C Cables have changed the way people charge their devices and transfer data from them to other gadgets. These cables are amazingly fast when it comes to data and energy transfer. They seem to be slowly replacing all their predecessors and rule the world of technology.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing technological world, Moarmouz offers various Type-C Cables designed for different purposes at a competitive price. Whether you are in need of a USB C-Type to USB A-Type cable, or a Type-C OTG to Type-A USB cable is something that holds an apex priority for you, we have it all.

All our USB Type-C cables are engineered keeping in mind the concern of normal wear and tear. They are built of premium quality material that doesn’t let them break after its use for a certain period of time. We also offer metal USB Type-C Cable that epitomizes robustness and assures you of long-lasting association without any signs of trouble.

The cables that we offer are fast, portable and convenient to carry. The length of every cable has been finalized after pondering on factors such as movement of the device when it is connected with the cable, its placement during charging or data transfer, etc.

Experience the power of USB C-Type with the powerful and everlasting USB C-Type Cables available online on Moarmouz.

This data was last updated on Jun 19, 2024