iPhone 7 Accessories

iPhone 7 Accessories

Complete Your iPhone 7 and iPhone 8: Cases and USB Cables for The Best Performance of Your Flagship Phone

iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has been the flagship phone from Apple for over a year now. The in-hand feel of the new iPhone is a lot like the older versions including iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. However, there are quite a few new features that Apple has introduced with the 7S model. To begin with, it has a much expansive screen design. The 5.5-inch screen may seem a bit too much to the regular Apple users, but once you start using this phablet-inspired design, you will not want to go back.

It is time to unveil the new designs for the new phone

A new model inevitably calls for new cases. The new antenna bands curve across the top and bottom of the iPhone 7S. The camera, sensor and flash orientation are different, so it is the placement of charging ports in comparison to the phone dimensions. There is no way you can make old iPhone cases work on your brand new 7s. We can understand how buying a new iPhone can jeopardize their finances, which is why MoArmouz is here to offer the best features and best protection at record prices for all Apple users in India. These are unquestionably the best iPhone 7 cases India has ever seen at this price. We make sure that the designs fit all 7s models in the Indian market and at the same time offer complete access to all Apple users. You can reach the volume control, home button and gain access to the speakers without shifting the iPhone cases from our online store. So, you get 360-degree protection from all angles while using your phone anywhere you please.

Military grade protection for your iPhone 7/8

It brings us to the iPhone 7 Armor Case. The new make and model is not only perfect for all iPhone 7 users. It provides military grade protection to your Apple mobile phone for the first time in the history of Indian Apple iPhone cases at this price range. The Tyche case and the IRIS case, both provide military-grade iPhone 7 protection. These covers have raised edges and raised corners. They contribute significantly towards instant shock absorptions during sudden falls and knocks. The raised edges also mean that your screen is away from the point of impact in case of a sharp drop. Our engineers and designers have tested these covers and cases against harsh weather conditions and severe free falls of at least 4 feet to judge their effectiveness in providing optimum protection to the flagship Apple devices. MoArmouz is indeed the best place to buy iPhone 7 Cases India Online at the best prices.

Add an extra layer of protection

The best way to protect the screen of your iPhone is to opt for an iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass. The matte finish and the hardy nature prevent the formation of fingerprints on your screen. You can now say goodbye to the embarrassing sweat prints on the screen and the annoying finger grime that accumulates from everyday use. Most of us use our iPhones quite indiscriminately. That means we receive calls during lunch, dinner and snack time and transfer quite a bit of oil and recalcitrant fingerprints onto our mobile phones. The new tempered glass design makes sure that your phone screen remains shiny, smooth and grime-free till the end of time. In fact, the additional strength of the tempered glass also ensures that the top layer absorbs sudden shocks. iPhone LCDs are costly, and most users find that out the hard way. Now you can protect your screen from all kinds of cracks, scratches and shatters with the new and evolved iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass design from MoArmouz.

Always have a backup wherever you are headed

In India, finding an Apple charger is like finding the elixir of life. Forgetting your charger back home while you travel to an office or a weekend getaway can mean endless hours of no connectivity. MacBooks and iPhones are notorious for being incompatible with the standard android chargers. Using adapters is not as healthy for the internal circuits of your devices. An original Apple charger cable in the Indian market can cost a bomb. Forgetting your original charger back at home or misplacing one can cost you a fortune. However, MoArmouz does not think you should pay such a steep price for such a simple mistake. We have made sure to design the most compatible Apple charger India which you can carry in your traveler case or simply leave your office for regular charging purposes.

Wireless may be the fashion, but staying wired is smartness

Our iPhone charger cables and MacBook charger cables are quite sturdy. We use braided nylon along with PVC in the exterior to impart strength and intangibility to your cables. The popular is our Type C data cable for charging. The Apple iPhone 7 USB Type C from MoArmouz has a league of its own. This one is compatible with iPhone 7S, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 5 variants and all iPods too. You can also charge your iPads with this new Type C USB cable. It is compatible with almost all iOS devices under the sun. It not only supports lightning-fast charging, but it also gives you 480Mbps data transfer speed. The simple reversible design adds to the obvious charm of the small connector plug.

Now you can stay protected and stay connected wherever you wander with your iPhone and other Apple products. Getting standby accessories for iPhone 8 is especially tough since it is new and most of its accessories are quite steeply priced. That is why you need to check out iPhone cases at MoArmouz. We make sure that you always have a backup, no matter where you are, without creating a crater in your personal savings accounts.

This data was last updated on Jun 19, 2024