Will the iPhone 13 Case Fit the iPhone 14? Here's What We Know

Will iPhone 13 Case Fit iPhone 14?

Saving money is fantastic, and when purchasing a new iPhone, at least you can save money on cases.

So, can the new iPhone 14 be used with an old iPhone 13 case?

As the iPhone 14 hits store shelves, new iPhones are now available, and if you were lucky enough to get one, it is likely that you are now considering how to safeguard it.

That most likely implies a case, most likely a brand-new iPhone 14 cover.

However, if you're thinking about saving money, it's worth seeing if you can reuse an old case of an older model or look for one of last year's cases.

After all, a phone case that doesn't fit can be a waste of money rather than the cost-cutting measure you were hoping it would be.

The design of the iPhone 14 has mostly been kept the same, at least at first appearance.

Thus in principle, the previous iPhone 13 case should match it.

Everything should match up, but according to Apple's specifications, the thickness has increased significantly (7.65 mm vs 7.80 mm), which could cause problems.

Can You Use iPhone 13 Cases On The iPhone 14?

In terms of appearance and specifications, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are incredibly similar.

Thus it is likely that the two handsets might share a case. Although the iPhone 14 is a little thicker than its predecessor, the differences are generally so negligible that your cover for iPhone 13 should still work with your new iPhone 14 model.

If you are switching from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14, you can maintain the old case since some manufacturers already sell a single case for both models.

Of course, you can always buy a new case if you think the fit is inadequate. 

At MoArmouz, we also have iPhone 13 accessories in case you are an iPhone 13 owner and wish to get a complete iPhone user experience with the best cases, screen protectors and hubs. 

You can check out our shockproof iPhone 14 case to keep your iPhons 14 safeguarded and give it a brand-new look.

Can You Use iPhone 13 Pro Cases On The iPhone 14 Pro?

The designs of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro are, unfortunately, very different.

Hence the two phones cannot share a case. In addition, a new iPhone 14 Pro cover is necessary if you're purchasing the iPhone 14 Pro because it has a larger camera and new button locations that the case for iPhone 13 Pro cannot accommodate.

 You can check out the best iPhone 13 Pro case and other iPhone 14 Pro accessories at MoArmouz and buy them at the most reasonable prices.

Can You Use iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases On The iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus?

Due to the structural differences between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus models, an iPhone 13 Pro Max case won't fit any of them.

The old case will not fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max because it has a larger camera and different button locations.

Here, investing in a new iPhone 14 Pro Max case would be preferable.

Since the iPhone 14 Plus is an entirely new model and none of the prior cases will exactly fit, you will need to purchase a brand-new iPhone 14 Plus case.

Do You Need A Case For The iPhone 14?

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 14 series is highly durable and includes a ceramic shield coating on the front glass.

According to Apple, this makes it the world's most robust smartphone glass ever. So you can rest assured that your iPhone can easily withstand a fall.

Despite this, we still advise purchasing the best case for iPhone 14 as well as a screen protector because the likelihood that your phone's glass may fracture depends more on the angle at which it falls than the surface.

So, on the safer side, it is best that you buy an iPhone 14 case to protect your new iPhone and get peace of mind.

Why Can New iPhones Not Fit Old iPhone Cases?

Apple keeps tweaking the layout of the iPhone ever-so-slightly each year for one simple reason: to push you to purchase new MagSafe cases.

This is in addition to the need for more space on the device to fit physically bigger cameras.

Most people want to buy a case for their phone. For Apple, this means that each customer who purchases an iPhone will likely also buy a brand new case, preferably from the official website, increasing Apple's revenue.

Buy The Best iPhone 14 Cases For The Perfect Fit

Purchasing a case designed specifically for your new iPhone is the only way to ensure that it fits snugly without any gaps or distortions.

So while you may technically use your case for iPhone 13 on the iPhone 14 without any problems, it would be wiser to just get a new case for the Pro/Plus models.

Keep in mind that you don't have to spend a lot of money on a costly case from Apple.

Many third-party iPhone 14 accessories provide equivalent protection, and you can purchase them for much less on online shopping sites like MoArmouz.

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