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Which USB-C hub is right for you?

Since its release, the USB-C type of port has become one of the most popular and frequently used connection standards, offering reliability, practicality, and faster data transfers.

As of now, almost all new laptops, tablets and phone are featuring it, but there’s only one issue: These devices offer no more than three connections ports.

Most time brands will even use one for charging, leaving the user with just two for the rest of their needs, something that in most cases is not enough.

Considering this problem, MoArmouz went to the drawing board and created an excellent line of USB hubs that will handle your every connectivity need. Now the only remaining question is: Which one is the right for you?

Within our line of USB-C hubs, there are three main types for you to choose from: Combo, Multiport adapter, and the port hub.

A prime example of the combo hub is the Type C (USB-C) 5 in 1 Combo Hub. Sturdy, reliable, portable, with striking looks, this item is the best for the user that needs a solution to multiple connection standards and storage drives on the go.

On the other hand, the multiport type features many of the same qualities of the combo hub, but with dedicated ports for multimedia or data transfers with higher speed. The Type C (USB-C) Multiport 4K@30HZ HDMI Hub (6-in-1) is perfect for power users that need to connect multiple devices at the same time without hassle.

At last but not least, the port hub is the most straightforward of the three. It offers the capability of connecting more ports to your computer, but it doesn’t include other connection standards. The Type C (USB-C) to 4-Ports USB 3.0 Hub is a perfect example of it.

Whatever may be your needs, MoArmouz has you covered with top quality items, which will make your digital life a lot easier.   

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