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China’s Vivo is expected to launch the first smartphone with under display fingerprint sensor

On June 28, Vivo - the Chinese smartphone maker - is planning to launch its newest phone, one that is expected to become the world’s first device with an under-glass fingerprint reader.

With this release, the China-based brand takes the honors of introducing this feature, beating every competitor including industry giants: Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google.

Besides the appearance of the under display fingerprint scanner, there’s very little information on the phone that will carry it.

Also, a leaked short video on Weibo (China’s Twitter-like platform) shows a working prototype and experts have pointed out that the phone on it looks very similar to the Vivo’s X9 Plus.

If all the rumors prove to be true on the 28th at the MWC Shanghai, Apple will see how another highly-expected feature from their devices hit the markets first in an Android-run phone.

The iPhone 8 is expected to bring a lot of changes to the Cupertino’s brand iconic product, but the competition seems to be getting stiffer all around it.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch has does wonders towards reestablishing the brand's value after the 2016’s Note 7 fiasco.

One of the S8’s most appealing feature is the “Infinity Screen” or the bezel-less design, a feature that, according to industry’s insiders, could be at the forefront of Apple’s new vision for the iPhone.

The high-end mobile devices market continues to grow and evolve with each new product launch and, on June 28th, Vivo could make a strong statement about its plans towards establishing itself and opening the doors that will allow more eastern tech brands to compete with more mainstream companies.

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