USB Type C Hub with RJ 45/HDMI: The hub that can keep your every device up to date is here - Moarmouz

USB Type C Hub with RJ 45/HDMI: The hub that can keep your every device up to date is here

The newest version of USB, Type-C, is the fastest and more stable cable connection standard in the market at the moment, so more and more companies are rushing towards implementing it to their upcoming products to get the most out of its capabilities.

It’s been awhile since UCB became the industry’s standard for most peripherals plugs. Many companies started working towards developing a newer version that provides more stability and higher transfer speeds than any of its predecessors, and they achieved with the creation of the USB Type-C.

Due to its features and capabilities, the Type-C seen to be the first one that could unify Android and Apple devices under the same standard for mobile devices.

But, not everything is perfect, and its implementation is making a lot of devices outdated due to their incompatibility with the newest computers that are opting to use the Type-C port. It’s a cumbersome issue to deal with, but MoArmouz created the perfect solution to keep all of your devices fully operative without spending a large sum of money.

MoArmouz USB Type C Hub with RJ 45/HDMI offers four ports that cover almost all the current connection standards (USB, HDMI, Ethernet, USB Type A/B, USB Type-C) into one easy to use, convenient and fantastic device.

Owners of laptops and tablets from 2015 and forward like the 2015 MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo Yoga 900 13", Dell XPS 13" 9350, Dell XPS 15" 9550, and ASUS Zen AiO PC will benefit greatly.

Having this hub from a top brand like MoArmouz will help them to handle all their connectivity needs.

You can grab your own HERE!

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