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MoArmouz’s USB-C to 4-Ports USB 3.0 Hub: A power tool for users

These times technology is becoming more and more mobile, seeing how the laptop and tablet are the go-to tools for work, starting to leave behind the days of sitting in front a desktop computer. With this in mind, the expectations for laptops performance and practicality every day is higher.

Users, especially the ones whose work centers around the computer, may implement a lot of peripherals like external hard drives, printers, camera or just about anything they may need to perform their tasks on their laptops. But by design, these computers don’t offer more than 3 or 4 USB ports, which can be a drag when you need to plug in more devices and you have run out of ports.

MoArmouz realizes that this was a pressing need for many users and developed a fantastic product that fixes their inconveniences in an efficient and aesthetically manner.

The USB-C to 4-Ports USB 3.0 Hub provides the flexibility of connecting four additional peripherals. It also eases the transition into the latest and powerful version of the USB standard (USB-C) currently seen in the most recent version of Apple’s MacBook Pro, as well as another top of the line laptops from major manufacturers like Dell, HP, Huawei, and Google, just to name some.

This hub is portable, practical, and well-built to stand the everyday wear and tear without breaking a sweat or looking like it’s going to fall apart at any time. 

Starting now, whenever you get a new laptop and need more ports to set your workstation completely, know that you can turn to MoArmouz USB-C 4-Port USB Hub to do just what you need at the right price.

List of compatible devices:

Apple New MacBook 12-Inch

Apple New MacBook Pro feature Thunderbolt 3

Dell XPS 13 & 15 (2016 Version)

Google Chromebook Pixel 2nd Gen

HP Elite Pavilion x2 10-n1xx; Pavilion x2 10-n0xx;

HP Spectre 13


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 

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