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Get the toughest protection for your iPhone 7 Plus with MoArmouz’s Tyche Case!

As a lover of Apple products, you enjoy having the best and latest products that they have in the market, and one of the current stars of their lineup is the iPhone 7 plus. Its amazing design and aesthetics put the Tyche case among the top mobile device in the stores right now, with the protection it deserves.

Even for a phone like the iPhone 7 Plus, most cases are cumbersome, poorly made or simply not appealing enough, but all of that is going to end with MoArmouz’s Tyche case. It’s the result of meticulous design, high-quality materials and the experience of a renowned brand like MoArmouz.

Military standard protection

MoArmouz iPhone 7 plus protective cases are made from high impact polycarbonate armor and a soft inner liner with reinforced corners designed to absorb any shocks and drops.

This design provides multiple layers of protection that exceed military drop test standards MIL-STD 801G. It was created with active people in mind and can be sent into a scenario of a variety of sports, activities, and industrial applications. In the top of all that, the cases have undergone rigorous testing to ensure it stands up to life’s hard knocks.

Extra Screen Protection: The case also offers a 4-point protective front and rear guard that raises your device slightly when it’s placed on hard surfaces. This technology helps to shield your phone from any abrasive materials that can scratch, crack or even shatter the screen while keeping the phone from sliding any smooth surface whether it's placed face down or face up.

Tough style

Unlike its competitors, the Tyche case was designed to not only keep your phone intact but also to look good and appealing while doing it, and in this aspect, MoArmouz decided to go above and beyond to achieve its goal.

Every element of the design reinforces its strong but modern aesthetic. Also, the case comes in four fabulous colors: Black, White, Blue, and Green, with several textures patterns across the surface for a better grip and enhanced appeal.


Contrary to what you may believe, the Tyche case is slim and lightweight, all of this while offering the incredibly high levels of protection that we previously mention.


When making any product, MoArmouz never cuts corners or deliver a product of low quality or that doesn’t live up to the high standards that the brand has developed over the years.

So, don’t risk your precious phone and don’t waste your money testing any cheap knockoff of the market. Go with best, pick MoArmouz.

Grab your own Tyche Case, HERE!

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