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Top protection choices for the screen of your iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 may not be the latest and most excellent mobile device from Apple, but still sits among the best phones in the market and a lot of owners and reviews can back that claim.

Considering how good these phones are known to be, owners love to keep them in top shape, not only for obvious cosmetic reasons.

It’s also known that if they choose to sell them after some time, the device will retain a lot of its value if it’s been sold in mint or almost-new conditions.

As a leading brand in mobile phone’s accessories, MoArmouz offers several alternatives for keeping your beloved phone’s screen looking as good as if you just took it out of the box.

The first option is the Tempered Glass. While it may look ineffective and straightforward, don’t be fooled.

Our product is ultra-clear with 99.9% transparency for a natural viewing experience, has the right thickness for top reliability (Sporting surface hardness 9H) and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity.

The second alternative, the Full Cover Tempered Glass takes protection to the next level.

It is made with transparent glass that has undergone specialized treatment that results in a reliable 9H Hardness – just as the tempered glass – but with a full premium coverage of the screen, protecting it from any scratches and other external damages.

As soon as you’ve installed, this protector will keep your phone looking amazing while going unnoticed, with its pristine viewing and ultimate clarity features.

The last but not least is the crown jewel of screen safeguarding for iPhones.

Our 3D Curved Tempered Glass is the result of our best technology applied to keeping your mobile’s screen intact.

It comes with all the feature of the other two options, but it acts like if you’ve installed an additional new barrier - or screen – on top of your device, but without any obstruction, visibility o sensibility lost.

Any of these three products will keep your phone looking its best throughout the years, thanks to the craftsmanship and quality of any industry’s leader like MoArmouz.

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