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The newest version of Google’s OS - Android Pie - has been officially released

After multiple rumors, five developer releases and a speculated alternative name, Google has launched Android Pie, the most recent iteration of their widely operating system for mobile devices.

According to the developer, this new version was tested by more than 140,000 users, and incorporated feedback from seven OEM’s to get Pie ready earlier for more flagship devices than just the top Google phones.

Surprisingly enough, Pie won´t be updated into any member of the brand’s Nexus lineup (Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Pixel C). Still, the first phones that will receive the successor to Android Oreo will be the  Pixel’s two generations and all its variants.

What’s New?

There several new features on Android Pie, being the new gesture-based navigation system, security upgrades and implementation of AI into several critical operational functions some of the most remarkable so far.

The new navigation system takes a cue from the iPhone X’ navigation and changes the traditional three-button approach to only one, combined with gestures for the all the alternative functionalities. While this new feature may be a stark contrast from the OS’s usual interface and operation, it can set a new standard for future versions.

On the Security department, improved biometrics and the use of more robust standards for web navigation will work combined with the internal change to deliver a much secure environment compare to its predecessor.

As for the use of AI for core operational functions like Adaptive Battery and brightness shows how developers continue to take the power of Artificial Intelligence to create exciting and compelling products that can enhance the overall end user’s experience.

These are some of the upgrades that Google have incorporated into Android Pie make it a powerful OS option, one that continues to thrive in the race of establishing their OS as the best even with the fierce competition that they get from Apple’s iOS.

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