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The newest of Apple is here!

The WWDC of this year brings a lot of new features and we are here to tell you all expected, just keep reading!

The first release in the event was the watchOS 3 now seven times faster switching between apps, now you can call to 911 by keeping the off button pressed or send a text message to your emergency contact. From now on you can share your physical activity with your contacts with the Activity app and Apple now has the Breathe app that teach you how to breathe correctly during and after exercise.  It has also expanded customization of the spheres and the possibility that more apps can be opened directly from them.

TvOS has now 6,000 apps available for you, and now you can use the device remotely with the iPhone or ask Siri to search for your content on YouTube.

Another new feature quite expected is the MacOS Sierra, now with Auto Unlock, if you have your Apple Watch, the device will recognize automatically and you don’t have to do anything to access your Mac! Also, it has a Universal Clipboard to help you free hard disk space and the cloud space passes from 20GB to 150 GB, it will be complemented with iCloud too, making the document available for iPhone and iPad. They also incorporated Siri to macOS, helping you to find a file and open it for you or putting music to a presentation.

It has also entered the scene the new operating system for iPhone, the iOS 10. Most of the apps were improved and redesigned, like iMessage that it becomes more interactive, the conversation bubbles have animations. There is a new feature call “Raise to Wake” which turn the screen on at raise the iPhone from any surface. The new iOS keyboard will come with changes too, like QuickType It will make you customize suggestions that will facilitate the speed of writing and, through it, we can translate texts, write with your fingers with Digital Touch or by functionality "Tap to replace" substitute one word for emojis.

Other enhancements from Apple includes the Pictures app that automatically grouped with a new artificial intelligence system that relates faces, objects, places, etc. Apple Maps has also redesigned, includes make suggestions and now it’ll be possible without leaving the app, book a trip with Uber or Lift. Apple Music allows now view the song lyrics of what you’re listening. And last but not least important, Apple brings the Homekit app, which let you control various devices in your home with the iPhone, operate them by Siri or automate with Apple TV the lights, music, cameras, speakers, etc.

This new iOS 10 software will be compatible with the following devices: iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad 2 and iPod Touch Mini 6th generation.

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