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Sturdy and stylish protection for your IPad Pro 9.7

You can get the best protection for your state of the art IPad with us!

As soon as it was launched, we in MoArmouz set our sights on creating an amazing case for the IPad Pro 9.7, the most recent tablet from Apple. Not long after, we achieved that and here it is.

We also know that protecting your tablet doesn’t have to be done with a dull, blend cover. Our Smart cover has a translucent back and lets you express yourself, coming in Black, gold, gray, navy blue, red, rose gold and rainbow.

This cover is made exclusively for this model, with the highest quality materials available, as we do with all of our products, and it possesses a lot of extras that sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

One of the first features is the built-in magnet. This allows the smart cover to automatically wake up the device on open and sleeps on close, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

When we were in the design stages, we had the comfort of our users as one of our priorities and that translated into the fact that you can set the smart cover in various positions, with the folding front cover offering with two standing positions for typing or viewing for ease of use.

But don’t be mistaken, all these assets will not get in the way when you’re using your tablet.

At the end, this amazing case will keep your device clean, scratch Free and cover with superior shock absorption while letting you have full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras without removing the case.

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