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Snapchat launched its location sharing feature: Snap Map

On June 21st, the popular photo-sharing app Snapchat launched Snap Map for iOS and Android, their newest location sharing feature. This update gives the user the power to find themselves and see the world differently.

With its deployment, Snap Map offers countless possibilities for users that want to enhance their experiences in this social-media app, while having the chance to interact with fellow users in a more personal way.

The feature aims to go head to head against Facebook Messenger’s Live Location as another way to reestablish the presence that Snapchat had over the segment until recently and lose to two other Mark Zuckerberg’s owned apps: WhatsApp and Instagram.

For the developers, Snapchat’s recent acquisition of a social map app called Zenly was crucial. This move served to set the basis for this feature, one that will help users engage and explore their world by discovering new things and experiencing life in a fun way.

The photo/video sharing app segment continues to heat up and evolves to create a more appealing and engaging product.

Currently, Instagram has set itself at the top of the mountain as the most used app thanks to their already large community but Snapchat has not given up and the development of exciting features like Snap Map, will keep in the race.

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