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Rugged Kratos Case for iPad 10.5-inch: High-end durable protection without sacrificing great looks

Enjoying your new iPad is a fantastic feeling, but as much as you want to do it, there is also the risk that it can fall, bump or scratch while you use it. To avoid any unfortunate incident, getting a case sounds like the best alternative.

The problem with getting any case currently in the market is that in most cases, they usually fall into one of two categories: 1) Flimsy and prone to break or 2) Just unappealing.

Moarmouz was driven to create the best line of protection for this device, and they did it. Among the lineup of amazing options that they produced, the Rugged Kratos Case is one of their best.

The Rugged Kratos Case is a smart cover compatible case that's designed to protect your iPad Pro and brave anything that everyday life can throw at it.

It was designed with the input of educators and IT professionals, who also tested the final product to be sure that their suggestions were taken into consideration.

This case 10.5 inch Case is not only a smart case. It also comes with features like the trifold stand and auto sleep/wake functions that the Apple iPad Pro offers.

All these traits do not interfere with the core functionalities of the device. It allows access to every control and port on it for regular daily use without having to remove the case.

In the end, with all the bells and whistles, this case delivers in its most important role: Protects the Ipad from dust, fingerprints, and bumps, without interfering in the ease of access to all the buttons and connectors.

We can tell you for sure: We worked hard in this case (like we do with each of our products) and you can rest assured that if you need rock robust protection for your iPad Pro, the Rugged Kratos Case will deliver it for a long, long time.

Buy yours today!!

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