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Protect your iPhone's screen and privacy with Tempered Glass!

For a lot of people, their phones have become not only a standard tool that contains tons of delicate, personal information but also their primary access to several important manners like banking accounts, email accounts and so much more.

If that’s your case, privacy is a sensible subject, and you want to avoid people trying to look or pry any bit of your personal data. That’s when MoArmouz comes into play with their tempered privacy glass for iPhone 6S/6.

Proven quality and durability

MoArmouz doesn’t put out a product that they don’t stand behind 100%, and the tempered glass is no exception.

From the start, it shows its formidable resistance developed with a combination of chemical treatments, which produce a translucent glass with super strength.

That also allows the product to be three times stronger than pet film, keeping completely safe from scratches from keys, hard materials, and even knives.

This product comes with anti-shatter technology, making it so resistant that only under extreme pressure, would break; but it will do so into small pieces that won´t hurt your hands or fingers.

Installation ease and comfortable for daily usage

On top of these characteristics, the glass comes with oleophobic coating.

 This treatment makes the screen incredibly easier to clean from fingerprint, smudges and most dirt and oily stains while reducing the effect of any other Contaminants.

Setting it is as easy as it can be and it won’t peel after a short time. The silicon adhesive use on the product is top-quality and allows an easy installation.

At the end of the day, your iPhone 6S/6 deserves the best protection at the right price, and that is going to with MoArmouz’s tempered glass.

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