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Protect your iPhone 6 with class and style

For a lot of people, our mobile devices are an extension of ourselves, and when it is time to protect them, we want it to stay looking awesome without any sacrifice in functionality and aesthetics.

Most of the times you have to compromise, but MoArmouz went above and beyond to develop a cover that delivers the best of worlds in the TPU case cover with elegant design.


This case is flexible and durable, offering full protection to your iPhone. Also, is important to know that the case is compatible with iPhone 6 /iPhone 6S, but NOT with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Some of the features of this cover are Super scratch-resistant, anti-sweat, stain resistant. On top of hits, its proven durability and lightness are also valued qualities by our users.

When you get one of the MoArmouz iPhone back case covers, your phone not only will stay protected and looking like you just took it put out of the box, while giving it a whole a new look.

Also, this easy to Install and remove back case comes in five different colors, giving you more than enough options that suit your style and look.

Not every day you can find a fantastic accessory like this cover that’s very well made and it’s supported by the quality of the best in the business, MoArmouz. So, don’t waste your time with any cheap imitation and go for the best.

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