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Google Pixel 2 XL Full Cover Tempered Glass: Maximum scratch protection

We have to admit one thing: We love gadgets.

From laptops to smartphones, we enjoy each one of them and every day; we put our best effort to create the most incredible products to protect our beloved technological wonders.

Google’s Pixel 2 XL is no exception. From its robust set of processing power to its beautiful screen, the device is one of the top options available, and one that deserves rock solid protection.

Keeping this in mind and continuing our commitment to mobile devices’ safety, we put our team to work hard to deliver a tempered glass that does not only keeps the screen free from stains and scratches, but one that also compliments the phone’s attractive aesthetic, and with the full cover tempered glass we achieve that goal.

Made of high-quality tempered glass from Japan, this item delivers a fantastic combination of maximum protection with a smooth and precise feel for touch that provides a fantastic crystal-clear image that won’t get in the way.

We went above and beyond with this tempered glass. It was laser cut to perfection, and it offers a level of 9H hardness that combined with a special chemical treatment (including oleophobic coating) results in a product that will enable you to enjoy your device to its fullest without a hitch.

To top this great effort, we gave it a very affordable price. So you just won’t be getting an excellent tempered glass alternative for your smartphone, you’ll also be paying a great price. All of this from a brand that you know and trust like Moarmouz.

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