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Oppo’s F3 arrives to change the selfie game with its dual front camera

Oppo made the official announcement of the F3, their latest smartphone, this week and the device presents itself as a game changer for selfies and people who loves to takes them.

This brand-new device from the Chinese phone-maker comes with many top-of-the-line features like 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, Qualcomm’s MSM8976 Pro Octa core processor, 6´0 display, a large 4000mh battery, 16 MP rear camera with an exclusive Sony image sensor and 4K support.

Taking selfies to the next level

People who love taking selfies are well aware of the difference in quality between the front and rear cameras in most devices, but Oppo is here to change that.

The F3 (and the F3 Plus) claims to be the Selfie expert, and to back that claim; it features an innovative dual selfie camera system. A 16 MP camera and an 8 MP 120° wide angle one that allows the users to have the ability to take high-quality solo shots, as well as amazing group selfies.

While Oppo’s dual selfie camera is not the first of its kind (2015’s Lenovo’s Vibe S1 holds that honor), it certainly creates an attractive offering for those looking for a powerful device that can shoot amazing selfies.

As for its release, the F3 Plus will go on sale April 1 in India with a price tag of Rs.30,990. For the F3, there’s no release or pricing information or if any of the devices will hit European or American markets.

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