OnePlus 6 Full Cover Tempered Glass Protector by MoArmouz®: Effortless, rock-solid protection - Moarmouz

OnePlus 6 Full Cover Tempered Glass Protector by MoArmouz®: Effortless, rock-solid protection

The screen is the essential element of modern mobile phones because you couldn’t use your phone without, right?

By knowing this detail, you are well aware that the wellbeing of your device’s screen is fundamental. You need a solution that allows you to preserve your phone's vivid display intact, retaining its high sensitivity and 3D Touch for easy use.

Right from the start, this task is not an easy one. It takes an exceptional product to keep your screen safe without interfering in its usability or the device’s aesthetic.

While it may not be an easy task, there’s a brand that’s synonymous to high-end accessories for mobile phones, and that’s Moarmouz.

Every time a new phone is released into the market, our design is already hard at work, looking to create a new, fantastic item that will keep your product safe and sound without being expensive.

The first step towards achieving this ideal item was to find materials and give them the right chemical to obtain the best protection.

Among our main focuses, delivering robust protection was among the very top. For it, we develop a product that offers 9H hardness tempered glass, resulting in superior scratch resistance.

This special protector uses the world's clearest tempered glass to safeguard your screen from impacts, drops, scratches, scrapes, and cracks.

If that’s not enough already, we reinforce edges with a shatter-proof membrane to ensure glass sticks together even if the screen protector is severely damaged.

Additional to all this protection’s features, we applied a special chemical treatment that ensures that the screen remains free of dust, dirt, or any finger grease, providing the best everyday experience for the user.  

Sometimes looking for the right product may take many chances, but with a brand that you trust like Moarmouz, every item delivers what you need them to do and so much more. So don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, and stick to the brand name that you know and trust: Moarmouz.

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