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Nokia 6, 8, 3 and 5 will get Android P update.

HMD global has confirmed that their current line of Nokia Android phones will not receive one, but two OS upgrades: Android Oreo, and Android P.

As they have previously stated, the Finnish company promised that their devices would be running stock Android – in contrast to most brands that adapt or modify the OS to their needs – with frequent updates.

Although, this level of support is remarkable considering that the only phones that were getting this type of software treatment are Google’s Nexus and Pixel lines.

This move by HMD Global will be very welcome by the market share that was eagerly waiting for the return of the Nokia brand to the mobile phone business, but it was a little skeptical at first with the move.

In addition to this two OS update cycle, the company also announced that they are now open to unlocking the bootloaders of their devices.

While they only mentioned that they could be opening one model at a time, giving the users this possibility of updating their smartphones with a new custom OS right after the official support from the brand ends is a positive move.

This announcement resonates with users that would love to have the chance of keeping their device up to date and running fine well after their official update cycle has ended.

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