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The newest version of Android will hit the market in the summer

Set with a summer 2017 release date, Google is ready to unleash Android “O” the latest incarnation of its popular and powerful competitor to Apple’s iOS.

“O” will take the spot of its predecessor, Nougat, as the new OS flag bearer from the Mountain View-based titan and it’s coming fill with lots of innovations and features that will enhance the user experience and device overall performance considerably.

Features: The story so far

For the moment, there’s a list of confirmed upgrades that will be present for the official release, and while they’re not the full list of innovations, it showcases a clear picture of where Android is going with “O.”

The full list of confirmed feats is: Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, Faster boot times, Restricted background activities, Notifications, Contextual press-to-hold options, Adaptive app icons, Boosted audio performance, Notification dots, and New emoji.

Most of the items on this list are focused on improving performance and usability all across the board, giving a potent and efficient operating system that could easily work on a top-specs device, as well as a lower tier one. But expect a few more with the summer’s official release.

First looks are exclusive for Google devices

As it has done with previous versions, Google has done several rounds of testing with their developer’s previews.

All of “O”’s testing versions - including the last one launched on July 24 – are designed to be run on the brand’s top devices (The Pixel, Pixel XL, 6P, 5X or C).

For all other android lovers, they will have to sit tight and wait for the summer’s release to enjoy all that the little green robot’s OS has in store for “O."

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