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Motorola expands its One series in India with the One Action

American phone maker, Motorola, continues to improve their lineups all across the globe. Keeping in line with this process, they recently announced the launch of a new phone for India’s market, and that’s the Motorola One Action. 

Following the steps of the One, One Power and One Vision, the fourth member of the One lineup looks ready to continue solidifying the brand’s reputation as one of the leaders of the mid-range segment for smartphones. 

Among its most outstanding features, in addition to its solid specs’ list, that can be noticed from the start are the large 21:9 Cinemavision display, the triple camera setup on the back, and the innovating Samsung Exynos 9609 chipset. 

On top of the excellent hardware and great pricing, one of the phone’ biggest draws is its OS.

Having Android Go front and center makes an attractive alternative, especially for those looking to enjoy the speed, cleanliness, and reliability of the Android Stock experience without the hefty price tag of the other devices.

On paper, the sum of all these elements makes the Motorola One Action an exciting choice for those looking for an affordable smartphone with striking aesthetics, reliable hardware setup, the power of Android Go, with an affordable price tag, all wrapped all into one neat package.

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