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Microsoft’s ‘Surface Phone’ is almost here!

There’s a strong rumor within the tech world about the Microsoft’s Surface Phone becoming a reality on 2016, according to Windows Central.

If this is true, the same team that developed the Surface and the Surface book would build the new Microsoft’s phone, and it’s probably going to hit the markets on 2016’s second semester.

According to the website, the team could be leaded by Panos Pay, responsible for bringing us the Microsoft’s tablets. Pay and his team are supposedly in charge of creating a high-end phone. Which is rumored to have an Intel processor and metal surface.

Windows Central assured that Intel would be involved in the development of a new technology to be integrated with the device, and that would substitute the Qualcomm chips, that are the ones that are regularly incorporated to all devices. Also, the source sustains that this project started to see light from the old Nokia mobile division.

Since the Surface Tablet’s launch, it has been a rumor about a mobile device following the tablet’s line, which is becoming more and more popular, so much, that even Apple and Google are following their lines somehow.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed nor denied this information, but as usual, early adapters all around the world are starting to imagine the characteristics of this new mobile device, would it have Windows 10? How would Cortana – Window’s virtual assistant to compete with Siri - work?

Are you ready for this launch? Among all rumors there’s something you can be 100% sure of, if they build it, MoArmouz will take care of keeping it safe with its cases!

Let’s wait to hear more about this new Window’s device soon! We’ll sure bring you the latest updates as they are released!

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