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Magnetic Smart Cover for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018: Smart protection on the go

The tablet market has been evolving in recent years, and while Android-run devices are delivering amazing performance, Apple’s iPad continues to stand on their own among the top options available.

With the release of the iPad Pro 12.9, the Cupertino-based brand took the already, widely popular product and took it to the next level with a set of innovating features that makes it a strong competitor to be one of the first devices that can deliver the all-around, complete computing solution that could substitute the traditional laptop.

This task is not an easy one, mainly because it will require that the tablet’s usage is increased while remaining portable and easy to use. All by itself, this idea doesn’t present any challenges, but with a large device like the Pro, 12.9 could make it difficult to keep it around you at all times without the risk of damaging it.

Considering these particularities, protecting the latest iPad called for a new and Improved protection alternative, and once again Moarmouz answered the call, delivering a fantastic item in the Magnetic Smart Cover.

This cover is no ordinary one. It adapts perfectly to the body of the tablet, not hindering any of its beautiful designs traits while providing the robust protection our brand’s product has become renowned for and adding some extra features that make it a must for your tablet.

We can tell you all about everything that makes this case so unique, but we’ll stick to the most amazing aspects of it:

- It automatically wakes or puts Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2018 when the lid is opened and closed.

- Easy access to all features and controls.

- Supports the Apple Pencil, allowing it to be attached to your iPad Pro magnetically to pair and charge without taking the case off.

- Strong magnetic absorption ensures the tablet will stand safely and comfortably.

- Premium PU leather exterior and microfiber interior.

- Slim and lightweight one-piece design adds minimal bulk.

- No bezels around the screen allowing for unobstructed gesture swipes.

We could go on and on about it, but by now we know that you are already aware that this case is the best available option for your iPad Pro, one that comes from a brand that you can trust like Moarmouz.

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