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The LG G6 will hit US shelves on April 7th

The latest flagship from LG, the G6, will hit the US market on April 7th, a month later after its release in South Korea. This launch will come after an expected appearance at the Mobile World Congress that will take place in Barcelona, Spain on February 26th.

With the release of the Samsung 8 in mind, the Korean company is trying to strike first in the Asian market, looking to develop a sustainable lead over its competition with the G6 as their latest flagship.

On the American side of things, the scenario may be the opposite with some reports claiming that the newest Samsung product will hit the stores in late March.

Also, the high-end range presents a lot of strong performers, and the arrival of LG’s latest offering is aiming to be a better performer: underwhelming, underperforming predecessor, The G5.

Another significant aspect of the G6 is that it will mark the beginning of a new era for the brand, one that will part ways from the modular strategy that was front and center with the G5.

Among the rumored features of the G6 is a 5.7-inch display, the Snapdragon 821 as the processor, accompanied with a body design with a closer resemblance to what you would expect from other flagships like the Samsung S7, Apple’s iPhone and others.

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