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Keep the music rocking with Moarmouz’s Lightning to 3.5mm Audio & Charge Adapter

Apple has been, without a doubt, changing the mobile technology landscape with its star product, the iPhone. However, the removal of the audio plug from their phones was one of the most challenging changes.

Users were forced to acquire adaptors and dongle to enjoy their many audio peripherals that worked just fine until the moment, especially the users of the famed brand phones.

Frequently these solutions didn’t perform as expected or fell short in their job, making it a hassle to enjoy good music out of the iPhone without cordless or Bluetooth accessories.

It was then when Moarmouz saw an opportunity, once again, to create a product that will exceed customer’s needs and expectations in terms of performance and quality. And the Lightning to 3.5mm Audio & Charge Adapter was born.

This dongle takes the single lightning port of any Apple device and gives you the possibility of getting the convenient 3.5mm audio port back, but also keeping a lightning port available for charging duties. That’s right, with this adapter you can charge your device while listening to your favorite music.

If those benefits alone were not enough, you get the top of the line quality that has always been associated with every product from Moarmouz.

Now you know if you have an iPhone, and want to enjoy your music without having to buy new expensive, cordless accessories, you can turn to this fantastic product from a brand that you trust like Moarmouz.

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