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iPhone X 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Comfort, durability and top performance

As soon as it was announced, the iPhone X caught the attention of many with its incredible set of features and striking looks, making one of the hottest phones around.

But while Apple is a brand linked with top quality products, a device like the “X” calls for the best available protection, to avoid any heartache due to a scratched or broken screen.

While this premise may seem like pretty forward, it is not necessarily the case. When you look to develop a great screen protector for any phone, but especially one like this iPhone, you have to keep several aspects into consideration.

The first one is build quality. The process of creating a screen protector is not just picking any resistant material and cutting into the phone’s shape. It requires a lot of testing to come out with the best possible product.

For this item, MoArmouz picked High-Quality Tempered Glass with a 9h Hardness level, a robust combination that can handle anything you throw at it, and it’s stronger than most available options.

MoArmouz’s protectors were treated with 3D Hot Bending Technology to get the right fit to the curved nature of the iPhone X’s screen, ensuring that the product will not slip, bend out of shape or anything similar.

The second set of aspects, and most important, are visibility and usability.

If your screen protector interferes in any form or way with how you interact with your devices, is not working.

A high sensitive touch combined with a 99% transparency rate ensure that this protector will let you enjoy the experience of using an iPhone X to its maximum without having to worry about your screen’s health. 

When you find a screen protector that delivers in these three key aspects, you know you find a winner.

Many options may offer one or two of them, but only one company delivers one that excels in all three, so why risk it?

Get yours from MoArmouz, a brand you can trust.

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