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iPhone 7 Plus 3D Curved Glass: Advanced protection at an affordable price

Keeping an iPhone spotless is a primary concern for most users. For a lot of people, their device is not only a communications tool on an everyday basis, but it can also be a workstation and entertainment provider, among its many potential uses.

Being ever present and useful on their daily routines, they need it to be able to handle the wear and tear, drops, bumps or scratches of their hectic life like a champ.

And, while Apple’s engineering department created a product that can last without a problem, some users demanding lifestyle requires considering for extra protection.

With that in mind, MoArmouz developed the iPhone 7 Plus 3D Curved Glass. A robust screen protector that provides all the protection they may need, but it does it a comfortable, stylish and practical manner.

More than just another screen protector

This product aims to safeguard the smartphone integrity but doing it discreetly and efficiently without altering the world-renowned aesthetic of Apple.

Also, taking a step further during the development stages of the 3D Curved glass it was intended to be capable of handling every challenge that it may face while looking good at it.

To achieve this task, the combination of high technology design tool with the best materials in the market was fundamental.

The result is an item that provides: Touch Screen Accuracy, HD Display Clarity and possesses 9H screen hardness, an even higher level of scratch resistance than steel so that it can withstand hits and dings.

It is crystal clear that there are many brands of tempered glass for the iPhone 7 Plus, but none of them have put this much effort to come out with an incredible trust-worthy product.

So, whenever you choose to give your smartphone’s screen the protection that it deserves, pick a name that you can trust like Moarmouz, a mobile devices accessories industry’s leader.  

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