The iPhone 6S/ 6 Captivate Case is here to stay

The new exquisite details featured on the exclusive iPhone 6 Captivate Case are now available in One of its greatest features is the accurate mold, which shows a simple and elegant style.

The gold color provides an elegant, yet simple look with all the protection that MoArmouz provides on each of its products. This new iPhone 6 case, its built using the latest CNC laser cutting process and from aviation aluminum metal, and his hollowed out grid provides an extra strong heat dissipation, to keep your iPhone 6 cool at all times.

Now, we know what you may be thinking: I want to keep the elegant thinness and curves of my device! We agree, that’s why this case was developed to be ultra thin, to provide a slim appearance and keep the added weight at a minimum. You’ll get the elegance and protection without loosing the fine and delicate iPhone 6 lines.

In terms of protection, this iPhone 6S/6 case is built to be your device’s best friend on the inside and outside. The body’s created in one piece, providing a shock resistant full protection. Its consistent thickness and tight connection will make it one with your iPhone 6S/6, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it.

It comes in three different colors: Gold, Gray and Pearled white, to exactly match your device’s original color.

This new iPhone 6S/6 case is exclusively available on, and it’s backed up by the great quality in crafting and testing that this distributor provides.

So, are you looking for an elegant, yet 100% protective case for your amazing iPhone 6S/6? Then, look no more, and let this product do the hard work for you! Choose your color and enjoy all the power this Captive Case has to offer!

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