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Protect and enjoy your iPad mini with MoArmouz’s Trifold smart cover with flip stand

It’s 2017, and you finally got yourself a 9.7" iPad Mini. From now on, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy your new tablet anywhere, but you also want to keep it looking as good as new. For the latter, you can count on our trifold smart cover with a flip stand to help you enjoy your new gadget to the maximum.

Many cases on the market offer excellent protection, others stylish looks or other cool functionalities, but very few of them give you a product that combines all three of these elements with the quality and durability that a brand like MoArmouz stands for.

Armed with highly resistant materials, this smart cover allows enjoying reading a book, watching your favorite videos, or playing a fun game for many hours with the help of the kickstand. |

This feature removes the need of having to grab the tablet with your hands, opting to set it in a comfortable position on a table, night table or even on your bed.

The kickstand is just one of its many advantages.

The cover comes with a built-in magnet that gives the smart cover the ability to wake up your device on open automatically and to sleep on close.

It also can be set at various positions, while keeping full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras. To complement all of these, you can rest assure that your tablet will stay scratch free with superior shock absorption.

You’ll also have a great set of six different colors to choose from:

-    Rainbow
-    Rose Gold
-    Red
-    Blue
-    Gray
-    Gold
-    Black

Every once in a while, a product hit the market and right from the start takes it's placed among its competitors, due to the quality and the appearance that offer to the customers.

The Trifold Smart cover is one of those cases. A solid item that does its jobs superbly, while looking fresh at the same time.

Grab yours here!

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