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High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet: Turn any room of your home into an entertainment center

With the vast array of entertainment options available online, the importance of the audio/video quality for home entertainment systems has become paramount, and the cables are a decisive factor in that equation.

It doesn´t matter if your laptop, PC, Cable top box, or gaming console is capable of delivering HD, 4K or even 8K quality, if you don’t use the right cable to set it off, the picture quality you’ll get will not meet your expectations.

Enjoying high definition audio and video streams requires a stable, blazing fast transmission of large packets of data that will transform into your movie, game or favorite TV series, but when the connection is not reliable, you won’t get the quality you want.

To avoid this inconvenience, we decided to create the best possible cable for home entertainment systems, and that’s what we came up with the High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

While is true that every member of our lineup of cables is made up to the same high quality in performance and construction quality, this one not only ensures the transmission of fantastic video and audio signal, it also delivers a premium in practicality with enhanced length (6 Ft).

In fact, our High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is an HDMI certified cable that assures unmatchable quality cable, capable of streaming videos in Full HD.

Top craftsmanship from a well-known brand

For the Type A male connectors used in both ends, we ensure their long lasting life by enclosing them in gold plated metal jackets to avoid any damage.

As for the cable jacket and body, a high-grade material that imparts flexibility and sturdiness was the go-to option, allowing it to be capable of withstanding any stress conditions for a longer duration.

It doesn’t matter from where do you look from, our High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is one of the best alternatives currently available in the market, one that comes from a brand that you know and trusts like Moarmouz.

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