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GoPro crashes into the drone market with Karma


The world famous action/sports camera manufacturer, GoPro, has announced the launch of Karma, its first drone.  While the drone market is one that has been growing consistently over the last several years, and while it has been dominated by DJI and their popular “Phantom” line, but now this familiar brand has entered the game.

Featuring the brand’s high quality cameras and portable design, Karma also showcases a sleek black and white body with four foldable arms, an independent video game like controller – unlike DJI that requires a tablet or phone with internet access - and the Karma Grip: an advanced camera gimbal that operates inside the drone, but also serves as a standalone handheld device.

Another innovative feature is the ability to switch between GoPros, thanks to the Karma Grip. As of now, the quadcopter is compatible with the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and the Hero 4 (Black and silver). This option gives the owner the chance to alternate the camera on board of the drone, in the case of malfunction, battery shortage or any other inconvenience.

With its many assets, GoPro’s Karma makes quite an entrance and could make the run for the control of a market that has been dominated for a decade by the Chinese giant, DJI.

The success of this attempt to take the crown from the DJI remains to be seen as Karma arrives in stores on October 23 for $799 without a camera, $999 with a Hero5 Session and $1,099 with the Hero5 Black. 

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