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Google Maps next update will allow you to order an Uber from within the app!

Google will make to request transportation via mobile devices much easier with the latest update of their Google Maps app, in which you’ll be able to order a cab without leaving the app.

Previously, the app could only give you an estimate of the fair price and help you through the first steps of the process, but with this update, now you will able to complete the full process.

This capability will be part of the redesign ride services area of the application, in which instead of a list of services, you will see an on-screen map with the nearby drivers. Also, there’s no word about when or if it ever will include other transportation alternatives like Lyft again as an option. Users will also get important functionalities like, for example, choosing the type of car that you need for the service (POOL, uberX, uberXL, SELECT, BLACK o LUX).

Using the new option is super simple. You just need to sign in with your Uber account, and that’s pretty much it, you’ll be ready to request your Uber.

While this can translate into a boost for the application’s traffic, usage, and presence, the people from Uber will prefer for people to continue using their app, after they recently when above and beyond to redesigned and in all likelihood, people will continue to use the main app as their go-to option, although its redesign has been met with some resistance, due mainly to the new look and feel, and that according to some users, the new location tracking has been described as overly aggressive.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the most attractive advantages that the users may end up getting from this update is the fact that due to Google Maps integration with their voice-activated assistant (Google Now), they will have the capacity of requesting an Uber from their mobile devices using nothing but their voice. So far there are no user reviews that confirm this, but one will have to wait until the roll-out in complete.

While it is said to be completely ready and in deployment stages, Google has reported that the update has started to roll globally since Jan 12th for both IOS and Android and it’s expected to be completed pretty soon.

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