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Expand the connection capabilities of your laptop with MoArmouz’s USB TYPE-C 5-in-1 hub

The current trends for laptop design aim towards slimmer and smaller models. While this may be practical for carrying and standard use, it can become a problem when you try to connect multiple devices, and you don’t have enough ports, but MoArmouz is here and ready to bring an effective solution.

For this issue, MoArmouz developed the USB Type-C 5-in-1 multi port adapter. An incredible accessory that allows users to connect new devices through these five ports: An USB-C port, for pass-through charging, two USB Type-A ports, a Micro SD slot and a SD Slot. All of this can be plug into the computer through the hub using just one USB Type-C port.

Top quality and appealing looks

Whenever somebody requires an accessory like a multi port adapter, they tend to find poorly made products, don’t deliver on what they offer or they don’t match the excellent looks of your laptop.

MoArmouz took note of all these flaws when they were working on their version, and they came with a product that does deliver not only top performance while being very well made but also looks incredible.

Made with a resistant material like Aluminum and that also offers five color options (silver, gold, rose gold, and space gray), so you can pick the one that matches your laptop better or choose the one that you like the best.

Also, this well-constructed multi port adapter has a fantastic price and counts with the support of a renowned company like MoArmouz.

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