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Electroplated Case for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus: A case to showcase the beauty of your phone

Our smartphones are valuable pieces of our everyday life. They help us keep in touch with friends and family while having a plethora of tools, apps, and games at our disposal to enjoy during the day.

Their usefulness makes them a precious item that we like to keep protected at all times, but most of the times, having them well guarded in a case changes or hinders their original aesthetic appeal, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Considering these factors, MoArmouz developed the Electroplated Case for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus. A secure, transparent shell that safeguards your beloved device while showcasing every detail of the renowned stylish design that has made this Apple product wildly successful.

This stylish case consists of an ultra-slim and flexible silicon protective back case, with a metal plating that does not only provides robust protection but also makes it look even more stylish without compromising its original appeal.

In addition to these elements, its crystal clarity shows off the natural beauty of your phone, and its adjustable resistance is a statement of the premium quality that the company delivers in each and every product.

The use of non-toxic, harmless soft TPU silicon material, precise cut-outs for easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all without having to remove the case are more evidence of a very well made product.

In the end, we’ll want to give our phones the best protection possible without having to spend too much on a good case. MoArmouz knows it, and that’s why they delivered it this fabulous, well-priced option for the owners of the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus.

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