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Electroplated Case for iPhone 8: Stylish, cutting edge protection for your phone

For most mobile phone users, it doesn’t matter how robust or resistant is the device out of the box, they are going to look for a case for additional protection.

The iPhone 8 is one of those phones that while they’re built to last, people love to go the extra mile to keep them in pristine condition, but one problem usually arises.

Most cases do one of these two things correctly: Protection (Very resistant but unappealing or even ugly) or Aesthetics (They look great but also are either flimsy or not robust enough).

After seeing this scenario, MoArmouz started working looking to create a lineup of cases that does not only provide more than enough protection, also exceeds expectations in looks and style.

One of the cases that stand up from this product line is the Electroplated Case.

This back case cover features a metal plating gilled frame that makes your device shine with a more refined and luxurious style.

Its full transparency shows off the natural beauty of your phone's design while being flexible and highly resistant to breaks or distortion.

It’s constructed from premium quality, Ultra-flexible, Grip & anti-slip, Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic Harmless Soft TPU Silicon material. This material also helps to shelter your phone from dust, scratches and any shock.

On top of its striking looks, you find its functionality. The case has precise cutouts that allow easy and comfortable access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all features of the device without interference or having to remove the case.

When you hold one in your hand, you’ll feel the difference in quality, looks, and design from any other competitor in the market, proving once again that when you’re getting a product from MoArmouz, you can be confident that it will be exactly what you were looking for.


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