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Google targets budget smartphones with Android Go

Due to their flexibility and adaptability to almost any smartphone, Android has established as the go-to option for users that are not interested or can afford Apple’s iPhone, but with every new version loaded with innovating features, this OS gets harder for cheaper phones to run it without problems.

Recognizing this phenomenon drove Google developers to find a new way to provide the Android experience to every user and after an extensive process of research and development, they came up with Android Go.

Go was presented at this year’s I/O (Google’s annual developer conference) and it looked like the alternative that the entry level market for mobile devices.

This lighter version of the upcoming Android O was developed for phones with 1GB or less of RAM, implementing tougher controls on app’s usage of memory, battery, and mobile data. These new governing rules from Google are also being extended for all developer that want their apps to run on it.

Although it seems like is nearly ready to be deployed, Google is still working on it, and they have plans to start shipping it with every device that meets the conditions by 2018.

In the battle for the OS supremacy is still raging but with the development of “Go,” Android can not only secure its lead but extended it by capturing a significant market share, all in one fell swoop. 

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