Titanium alloys: the best protection for your iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus


Did you know Titanium alloys are light in weight, have incredible corrosion resistance and are able to endure extreme temperatures? Well, yes… And now maybe you are wondering why are you reading about titanium properties if you only were looking for some protection for your iPhone 6 Plus? The answer is simple: MoArmouz brings you a 3D Titanium alloy tempered glass screen protector that will keep safe your mobile phone.

This screen protector is ideal because it can protect your phone from breaking and any scratches by combining a metal frame with tempered glass. While common glass will break into many pieces when dropping, tempered glass has shockproof technology which make it break as a whole, and spread out the pressure of shock to protect your mobile phone. How does it work? For safety, the glass breaks up into small pieces without sharp edge, exactly the same as car windscreen.

You will be glad to know that this product has 9h hardness grade and 0.33mm thick, without sacrificing the touch screen sensitivity. Furthermore, oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and other contaminants; and makes the display easy to clean.

This screen protector is made of AGC (Asahi Glass), a japanese glass that doesn’t chip because it has a durable Titanium structure. The Titanium glass is three times stronger than regular PET protectors, and even sharp objects like keys, won’t be able to scratch it.

Also, it is 3D curved so it covers properly the full edges of your mobile phone. The arc edge design (cut perfectly with laser, with rounded corners and smooth border) makes this tempered glass screen protector fit perfectly without gap around the edge. This way, it will not scratch your hands and won't affect the use of iPhone cases.

As you need both protection and functionality, this 3D Titanium alloys screen protector gives your front display 99% high definition clarity.

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