Four simple apps that could make your life easier


Sometimes life isn’t as easy, the most unusual and bizarre things could get in your way and spoil a happy day, but luckily your cellphone can get you out of trouble, here we share with you some amazing solutions directly from your smartphone:

Clap and you will find your phone:  When you are in a rush and on your way out of your house, sometimes you just can’t be able to find your smartphone, but don’t worry Clap Phone Finder the solution is literally in your hands.

Simulate a phone call and get rid of that awkward conversation: You can be in that boring meeting or that weird date and you would give anything to have your phone ringing and get you out of that situation, so you can have an excuse to get out of that situation. In these types of scenarios, you can use Fake Call and have that wish come true.

Metal Detector: In those moments when you lose your car keys in your purse or your bag and star to get nervous, you have an app that measures the values of the magnetic field using a sensor integrated to the smartphone, you just have to move the phone and check the levels that show the app.

First Aids: The last app can help you in more serious issues, like being in front of a situation where someone requires first aids, like passing out or asphyxiation for food stuck in the throat, you have the app SOS First Aids that gives you easy and quick tips to help in these scenarios.

As you can see, you have multiple apps and alternatives that offer your smartphone to be calmer in stressful situations and help you have a more soothing and happier day by using simple solutions designed for these cases.

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