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Apple WWDC2018: iOS 12, AR and enhanced performance across all devices start on Day 1

The latest installment of their famed mobile OS was the star of the evening, with a supporting cast that showed Augmented Reality, enhanced performance, and zero new hardware on the start of the WWD2018.

On June 4, Apple took center stage in the tech world to display what are their plans and upcoming innovations for the near future in the first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference, taking place in the San Jose Convention Center.

As it was rumored in previous months, the Cupertino-based company is not expected to debut or present new devices, centering their announcements on software.

A new generation of Apple OS

Relying heavily on security, stability and performance upgrades, Tim Cook presented the latest set of operating systems for their entire devices lineup.

iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS5 and tvOS 12 are all ready to start taking over the Apple devices around the world, with an internal overhaul aimed to boost processing efficiency but without tinkering too much into the aesthetic side.

Of this pack, the 12th iteration of the iPhone OS was the star of the evening.

After the recent scandal in which it was found the brand was slowing older devices, delivering better performance across every iPhone became a matter of vital importance, and they said it was achieved.

Any smartphone that can run the previous version will be able to enjoy 12 and everything it brings with it.

Some of the features that were shown that were updated are The Photos app, Siri, Stocks, News, Books and Voice Memos, Do Not Disturb and Grouped Notifications, FaceTime group calling, Animojis, and Memojis.

It is worth noting that the ARKit 2 spearheads the company’s bet on AR and it will have an important presence on iOS 12 present and future features.

That was just day 1, and it was a promising start that shows that Apple is determined to reestablish their operating supremacy across all markets and segments.   

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