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Apple will launch several new products at a special event on September 12th

This year’s annual iPhone fall event – that will take place on September 12 - looks like it is going to be one of the more packed with announcements and launches in recent years.

The Cupertino-based phone maker will hold their massive showcase on the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park Campus, and several sources within the industry expect the release of – at least – three new iPhones, and several other products like the Apple Watch 4, a redesigned MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro.

As for the three new smartphones from the brand, most insiders agree that a second-generation iPhone X, one with a 5.8-inch OLED screen is going to be front and center on the event, accompanied by two other devices.

While this device will most likely be a considerable upgrade from the previous generation, it remains to be seen if it will deal with the same challenge that hindered the first one’s popularity, and that’s the hefty price tag.

The original X cost over a thousand dollars, putting it far from the reach of most consumers.  While it was a powerful device on its own, its complete offering didn’t quite justify the price difference.

And once again, the mobile tech world will keep its collective eyes on this upcoming event to see if Apple continues to set the X lineup with an above market price standard, even if it’s one too high even for a powerful flagship device.

For the moment, there’s little to none confirmed information on the specs, price or features of the rest of the products that will be announced on 09/12, but one thing is for sure: The tech world is eagerly awaiting to see what Apple will come up.

Especially after all the 2018 launches that we have seen from other tech giants like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi that are shooting for the top and establish themselves as the most prominent mobile tech brand in the planet.

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