Why Android L is the Coolest Android Firmware Yet

The Android L is officially available and has brought a host of changes with it. Sundar Pichai the head of Android development claims that this is the biggest Android update yet and users are in for a treat. But while the firmware is out for developers and specific Android users, we can expect it to be made public no later than this fall. Don’t believe the hype, just check out these features and you’ll want to get Android L right now!



The Android L firmware is by far the most comprehensive operating system in the market as it goes beyond smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, and even car infotainment systems. Featuring an all new flat material design, every little animation, ripple, and shadow look real, something other operating systems have been afraid to try for the longest time.

The Android L firmware is designed to look flat with a 3D edge. In other words, it features 3D tiles with shadow gradients that slide over each other on the home screen. It’s basically like stack of apps, notes, and other things over each other with improved visibility. This approach is definitely geared towards bringing consistency across various platforms that the Android has now entered. Even the fonts have been given a makeover to bring consistency from smartphone to TV to watch.

On the whole, the interface looks much improved over its predecessor, the Android KitKat. The animation from screen to screen makes everything connected to each other. The home screen, multitasking window, and back buttons are refined as well. In other words, the Android L firmware features a cleaner and exquisite look.


The Android L has had a major overhaul in notifications, as only the relevant information of your apps is visible. The notification panel has been blended with the lock screen. This allows you to know whether you have an important notification or not, rather than swiping the lock icon and going through the security only to find out that the notification is not so important.

One of the major talking points about the Android L is that it is actually smart. In other words, it will monitor your habits, like what apps and features you use during different times of the day. Once it has analyzed the most frequently used apps and features, it will prioritize them during specific times of the day. In other words, the Android L will optimize your phone to better suit your lifestyle!

Another talking point is the fact that users were complaining having to check their notifications or being forced to attend calls while they were in the middle of using an app or playing a game. However, that all has been put to rest as well, since the Android L will just show a pop-up notification of top of the screen, asking you whether you want to attend the phone call or check the notification or not.

From what it looks like, the Android L may just be the breakthrough OS that Google was looking for. We don’t know about you, but we’re getting very excited to receive the update on our smartphones and tablets!

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