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AMD Radeon RX 480, the future is here!


AMD is taking the future on its hands with the presentation of its new graphic card Radeon RX 480, the first card using Polaris architecture, with a 14nm technology.

This guys wants to take possession of the virtual reality industry, their new card will cost $199 and it will be released for sale next June 29th, being the great competition for Nvidea with the lowest price in the market, thus eliminating the biggest barrier that had virtual reality to enter our homes.

The company says that the new Radeon card is ready to be used on the HTC and Oculus helmets. During the presentation of the graphic card, it was proof on the new Doom’s game, where it gets a higher rate of frames than in the GTX 1080 of Nvidea, yet using two Radeon cards, but, in consideration of costs, this new AMD graphic card is cheapest and with better performance than Intel’s one.

AMD win a lot of friends and new followers after the presentation of this new product, is sure that this will be the entrance door to a better technology in our homes and unrivaled experience in gameplay and performance issues on our computers.

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