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Air Hybrid Case: Premium protection with style

Equipped with an excellent set of features. the MoArmouz’s Air Hybrid Case is a fantastic option for those who want to keep their iPhone 7 in the best condition but don’t want to sacrifice any detail of the Apple’s world-renowned simplistic and refine aesthetic.

After you get this case, you can be sure that every day scratches, bumps drop, fingerprints will no longer be a problem, allowing you to use and enjoy the phone however and wherever you see fit thanks to its ultra slim, lightweight TPU case guards.

Reliable protection against any hit

While it may look like a regular case, this new product from MoArmouz is so much more than that. From the drawing board, it is designed with the latest Air Hybrid technology in protection, which fully absorbs any hits, bumps or shocks mainly because it acts as a pillow for your phone.

In addition to this amazing features, there are more elements to ensure the complete and integral protection of your device.

The corners come with Air-Cushion Technology, a feature that allows the phone to take almost any fall without worries because it acts like creates an air pocket that absorbs the hits from wherever they may come and avoiding the all too frequent broken screen due to a fall in any of the external angles of the device.

Striking looks that get all the attention anywhere

By itself, the iPhone 7 is a beautiful piece of technology, and it makes no sense to slap a case that doesn’t maintain or enhance the already appealing work of design from the creators at Cupertino.

With this in mind, MoArmouz creates a case that highlight the features of the phone in a subtle manner, so it doesn’t alter the original look more than its necessary.

The product comes in two presentations: Black and Clear. It’s worth noting that the use of clear backing with a colored border gives the phone that extra pop of color and style.

When you get one of this cases, you’re getting a top of the line case that matches your phone with an appealing look and the kind of robust protection that you want for your beloved gadgets.

If you're looking to keep your iPhone 7 safe and looking awesome, look no further than MoArmouz’s Air Hybrid Case.

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