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Air Hybrid Case for Google Pixel: Top protection for a high-end device

After several successful generations of their Nexus line, Google decided to launch the Google Pixel, their more advanced smartphone yet, one that's ranked among the best Android phones currently on the market and an incredible piece of technology like that, needs the best protection that you can find.

As with most phones, users like to keep them looking as new and knowing this, MoArmouz took the time to analyze it carefully to develop an advanced and durable case that will live up to the brand’s reputation of high-quality products and the Air Hybrid Case came to life.

The Air Hybrid Case is not like any regular phone case that you may see in the market. Its understated see-through design with a colored border (or you can opt for the clear alternative) allows the device aesthetics to shine through while still protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Among its many advanced protection features, the corners of this case come with Air-Cushion Technology for reinforced drop protection. This feature works with the latest Air Hybrid technology, fully absorbing most shocks and working like a pillow for your phone.

This ultra slim, lightweight TPU case provides top of the line protection for your phone, guarding it against everyday scratches, bumps, drops, fingerprints, and dirt, while looking modern and stylish.

Smartphones are an essential element of our daily routine, and they deserve to get top protection from a great case that fits it in an appealing way, so don’t go for a cheap, generic case and get one from one of the industry’s top brands like MoArmouz.

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