Surprises at CES 2016


Reveal, inform and, luckily, amaze. These are the goals of CES 2016, the biggest annual tech meeting where members of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) introduce the latest products and advances in this field.

This event has reunited 3,700 exhibitors from 150 different countries, with the purpose to introduce more than 20,000 new products and services (from virtual reality devices to smart houses) related to some of the most innovative technologies worldwide. Also, this edition has a full program with almost 200 conferences given by more than 1,000 executives from giants like IBM, Netflix, NBC and Chevrolet.

Perhaps your are not part of the 170.000 visitors in CES this year, but don’t  worry. Have a look to some of the most interesting products revealed at Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, USA) since January 6th, when this event started.

LG rollable display: An OLED TV panel able to be rolled as a newspaper was introduced by LG this year. It’s a 18-inch, 1-millimeter-thick prototype with TV’s common functions, that also would have the ability to disappear from your bedroom or living just by rolling it up. It won’t be soon on the market but it’s a clear signal of what is LG looking for its ultimate generation tv products.

Samsung Gear S2: It will have compatibility with iOS, the operating system that Apple uses in iPad and iPhone. It’s exactly what Samsung has said about its new Gear S2. The recent collection of smart watches will be available in markets in February, it will keep working with Tizen operating system and will have a "classic edition" which is plenty of luxury details as platinum and 18k rose gold.

Kodak Super 8 camera: Refresh its 1965’s Kodak Super 8 is what this company wants at CES 2016, where has revealed the new version of this classic video camera. It has interchangeable batteries, USB port, microphone recording on an SD card, LCD display and the ability to record in five different speeds. Its estimated cost would be 1,000$.

184 EHANG Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV): It’s the first manned drone, able to reach 96 kilometers per hour in the air, even when the battery only allows it to travel up to 16 kilometers. It uses electricity to turn on its four independent motors and eight propellers.

Are we missing something? Tell us and don’t forget that many more surprises will come at CES Asia, which will take place in Shanghai (China) on May 11th to May 13th, 2016.

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