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ZTE Axon M is expected to become the world’s first foldable smartphone on October 17

On October 17, the world of mobile phones will see the first foldable device, and it is not going to be from Samsung. Chinese company ZTE will hold a launch event on that date to introduce the Axon M.

Specs wise, there’s little information confirmed although reports state that is expected to use a Snapdragon 821, with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, with a 3120mAh battery. As for pricing details, some rumors placed around $650.

A rising segment in the mobile world

When the ZTE phone comes out to the world, it will have beaten Samsung to the punch for the honor of delivering the first smartphone that features a foldable screen.

Smartphones with dual displays have already been on the market from companies like Meizu and Yotaphone, but the Axon M will be the first with two foldable screens working as one.

While still early, foldable screens look like one of the next big trends for phone makers, but its future presence and growth will depend mostly on how receptive buyers will be.

The Korean giant is coming

One upcoming device than plans to use the same feature and expected to be the worlds first is the Samsung Galaxy X, a product that the Korean company hopes to continue the late success of their phones, serving as recovery steps from the Note 7 scandal.

The Galaxy X has been confirmed to be in the late stages of development, and it is expected to be launch in 2018, but rumors place the launch in late 2017 to compete directly with Apple’s (similarly named) iPhone X.

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